Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit

16/03/2021 30/06/2021


The Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) and co-convening partners invite you to join Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit.

This four-month virtual series, in March–June 2021, will focus on grantmaker responses to the “anti-gender” movement and related global anti-rights agendas.

The Global Rights Summit is an opportunity for grantmakers, philanthropic networks, and aligned colleagues to build shared analysis around anti-rights attacks and strategize towards multi-sectoral progressive philanthropic responses.


What is the admission price?

There are different admission prices. All admissions provide access to the summit platform, resources, and over 50 sessions from March to June 2021.

  • — Standard admission: $400
  • — Members of ECFG, FICS, PAWHR, and PSFG: $340 (15% discount)
  • — Members of GPP: $300 (25% discount)
  • — Admission for a content expert from civil society*: $100

* Tickets for civil society content experts must be purchased by a sponsoring funder. See details below.

What happens after I register?

To ensure summit security, all registrants will be placed on a temporary waitlist to be approved. Once approved, you will be invited to purchase your ticket(s).

My foundation is not a member of any of the co-sponsoring networks. May I still attend and participate?

Registration is open to all grantmakers, including public foundations and intermediary funders, private foundations, representatives of donor governments and multilaterals, and individual high net wealth donors.

In the case of NGO intermediary funders we ask organizations to limit attendance to one staff member who represents the relevant programmatic grantmaking work.

Please note that this is a private gathering, and a non-solicitation event.

Are civil society representatives invited to attend?

Civil society representatives will be able to attend as content experts. Generally, these representatives will be limited to those speaking as panelists at the invitation of sponsoring funders. In this case, panelist/speaker registration costs are expected to be supported by the inviting funder.

Can I purchase tickets for colleagues?

Yes. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive a link to purchase your ticket. The same page will allow you to purchase extra tickets for colleagues. Once you have purchased them, they will appear on your My Tickets page. From there, click Send invite to share this ticket with a colleague.

My session has been approved, how do I purchase a ticket for a civil society panelist/speaker?

Once your session has been approved, we will send you an email with instructions to purchase a ticket for any content experts you plan to feature in your session(s).

More questions?

Please reach out at

Answers last updated December 16, 2020.

Sponsorship Opportunities

You may purchase sponsorship packages at the time you purchase your ticket(s).

Calendula Level

Sponsor one of the summit's six tracks:

  • — Your logo displayed on all sessions in your chosen track (session page and welcome slide)
  • — Your organization noted as a supporter for all sessions in your chosen track (session page)
  • — Your logo displayed on the Summit Sponsors page

Please note sponsorship isn't exclusive (other organizations may also sponsor the same track(s)).

Cost: $1,000 per track. Discounts for ECFG, FICS, PAWHR, PSFG, and GPP members apply.


Lavender Level

Sponsor the full summit:

  • — Your logo displayed prominently on the Summit Sponsors page, as well as on the welcome page and program
  • — Your organization noted as a supporter in selected emails and other participant communication
  • — Custom virtual "booth" (resource area) to highlight content (video, report, etc.) to attendees throughout the summit

Cost: $5,000. Discounts for ECFG, FICS, PAWHR, PSFG, and GPP members apply.

Zinnia Level

Sponsor the full summit with a larger grant, enabling both the event and follow-up organizing.

Cost: from $5,000. Please contact us for details.

Register Now

The summit will feature more than 90 activities with around 45 cross-sectoral sessions you won't want to miss! Click here to view the draft agenda. 

Please note this summit is open to grantmakers, philanthropic networks, and invited content experts.

To ensure summit security, all registrants will be placed on a temporary waitlist to be approved. Once approved, you will be invited to purchase your ticket(s).





  • Bruno Selun

    Facilitator @ Kumquat

  • Ezra Nepon

    Senior Program Officer for Knowledge and Learning @ GPP

  • Marie Dubost

    Facilitator @ Kumquat

  • Marina Gonzalez Flores

    Program Officer for Member Engagement and Operations @ GPP

  • Matthew Hart

    Director @ GPP


  • Adalgiza Charria

    Adalgiza Charria, comunicadora social de la fundación Mujer Arte y Vida MAVI .
  • Ahmad Ibrahim

    Gender Advisor @ Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)

    Ahmad Ibrahim is a researcher, organizer and development professional working on issues of gender, sexuality and human trafficking prevention. Ibrahim is currently working as the Gender and Diversity Advisor at BLAST, where he oversees a USG funded program on working with communities with diverse SOGIESC. Ibrahim's work at BLAST involves working with registered and unregistered Community Based Organizations (CBOs) built and led by queer communities and individuals (predominantly Hijra and/or transgender women) to develop their capacities, build resources for advocacy and develop stronger and lasting movements within queer communities. Ibrahim also provides consulting services to non-profit organizations looking to develop programs on the issues of sexuality and human trafficking prevention.
  • Alanna J Galati

    Associate Director of Global Policy @ Guttmacher Insitute

    Alanna J. Galati worked at the Guttmacher Institute from 2015-2021. She designed and led the Institute’s global policy program, focused on advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights. 2016-2020, Ms. Galati was the policy lead for the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission’s Accelerate Progress: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for All report. 2017-2019 she was a technical advisor to the WHO. In 2015 she worked on the development of SRHR indicators for the SDGs. Prior to joining the Institute, she spent 10 years overseas working in refugee camps, humanitarian disaster settings, harm reduction and methadone clinics and running family planning clinic for resettled refugees. Ms. Galati has a BA in philosophy from Indiana University-Bloomington, a master of international public health from the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Andrea Londoño

    Hablemos de Empleadas Domésticas es una iniciativa ciudadana creada en el 2011, por Andrea Londoño, para posicionar el trabajo doméstico como un sector estructural del desarrollo y para dignificar el trabajo de las empleadas domésticas. Hoy, luego de que el país avanzara en legislación del sector y en conciencia sobre los derechos de las trabajadoras domésticas, como cuidadoras, la iniciativa se centra en el cumplimiento de estos derechos, a través de la formalización laboral.
  • Anisha Chugh

    Deputy Executive Director @ Women's Fund Asia

    Anisha Chugh is the Deputy Executive Director of Women's Fund Asia, which is a regional feminist fund supporting and women, trans and Gender Non-Conforming activists and groups in 18 countries of the Asia (South Asia, South East Asia and Mongolia). Anisha is also a former board member and treasurer of FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund. In addition, Anisha has served and continues to serve on multiple advisories of various international and regional organisations. Her prior experience includes working with a national human rights funder, Dalit Foundation, in India. Anisha has Master’s in Governance in Development from Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. 
  • Anne Gathumbi

    Anne Gathumbi, is a Kenyan feminist and human rights lawyer with 20 years’ experience as a social justice advocate. Anne has has extensive experience in grant making for excluded and underserved populations and has held a number of senior leadership and management roles in philanthropy and not for profit sector at country, regional and global levels. 
  • Audrey Mbugua

    Audrey Mbugua is a transgender woman living in rural Kenya. Audrey is passionate about legal recognition and protection of transgender persons. Her work involves provision of legal services to transgender people wishing to change their names and sex marks in their identification, academic and travel documents. She also uses the mainstream and social media to create public understanding of transgender issues. 
  • Ava Heather Mrima

    Ava is a transgender rights activist & a S.T.E.M advocate within platforms such as Out-In-Tech, Women-Techmakers Ke ,GDG Devfest & NWiMLDS a data science community for gender and sexual minorities. She leverages her knowledge in tech and lived experience as a transgender woman to advocate for the dignified existence of transgender and non binary folks, by working with queer and trans* organizations to strengthen their capacity in on/off-line advocacy efforts. Currently works full-time as the comms & I.T officer at Jinsiangu Kenya , part-time as a podcaster & sound editor with Kiqao - a podcast about current affairs & pop culture from a trans, queer & feminist lens in Kenya, a content curator & technical support engineer at Q4Queer, an arts and culture magazine centering the voices of queer womxn, trans and gender-diverse folks. 
  • Brett Davidson

    Director of Media and Narratives @ Open Society Public Health Program

    Brett Davidson is director of the Media and Narratives Division of the Open Society Public Health Program where his work focuses on changing long-held social narratives that impact public health – with an emphasis on race, ethnicity and health equity. He has a particular interest in the role of storytelling, popular culture, and arts activism in bringing about social change. Prior to joining Open Society in 2010, Davidson was a media consultant to civil society organizations in Southern and Eastern Africa. He previously served as program manager at the South African democracy institute, Idasa, where he helped community radio stations develop participatory news and current affairs programming. Before that, he worked as a radio journalist, presenter, and producer at the South African Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Bridget Moix

    US Executive Director @ Peace Direct

    Bridget serves as Peace Direct’s US Executive Director, sharing our work and the work of our partners with the US peacebuilding community, funders, and policymakers. She has worked for 20 years on international peace and conflict issues, with a focus on US foreign policy. From 2013-2015, Bridget served as Atrocity Prevention Fellow with USAID’s Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation. She spent nine years lobbying on US foreign policy and peace issues with the Friends Committee on National Legislation, and has worked with a number of other organizations. Bridget holds a PhD in conflict resolution and often teaches courses in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. She lives in Washington, DC, and has two sons who challenge her peacebuilding skills every day.
  • Bridgit Antoinette Evans

    Chief Executive Officer @ Pop Culture Collaborative

    Bridgit Antoinette Evans is an award-winning artist and thought leader in the culture change field, and currently serves as CEO of the Pop Culture Collaborative. Bridgit's philanthropic leadership builds on the 20 years she has spent as an artist and culture change strategy designer working within movements focused on genocide prevention, human trafficking, LGBTQIA rights, police violence, the care economy, and immigrant rights. For Ford Foundation and Unbound Philanthropy, she led multi-year culture change research projects aimed at sparking narrative breakthroughs around gender justice and immigration, respectively. She is the author of From Stories to Systems: Using a Narrative Systems Approach to Inform Narrative Change Grantmaking, and co-host of the popular WONDERLAND podcast, conceived as a culture change master class.
  • Broden Giambrone

    Director @ International Trans Fund 

    Broden is the Director of the International Trans Fund (ITF), a position he has held since 2017. During his tenure, the ITF has disbursed US$2.677 million to 105 trans-led groups in 63 countries. In addition to his work in philanthropy, he is a trans activist with over 15 years’ experience in community organizing, activism and capacity building in trans communities. Before joining the ITF, Broden was the Chief Executive of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) for 6 years. In this position, he took a leadership role in TENI’s high level advocacy and lobbying for the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act 2015, a legal recognition law based on self-determination. He holds a Master’s in Public Health (Health Promotion) from the University of Toronto, which focused on community and policy development in the field of trans health.
  • Caleb Orozco

    Executive Director @ United Belize Advocacy Movement

    Caleb Orozco is an LGBT/Human Rights activist with over two decades of experience in the human development sector. For the past 14 years, he has worked primarily within the field of HIV and human rights as Executive Director and founding member of the United Belize Advocacy Movement. Through legislative analysis and research, litigation through a Human Rights Observatory and public education, he has worked tirelessly to advocate for a participatory and rights- based approach to address civil rights access and health services for HIV affected and marginalized populations. Have written national reports for ICCPR and UPR.
  • Cameron Tolle

    Campaign Consultant @ Freedom to Marry Global

    Cameron Tolle is a campaign strategist with Freedom to Marry Global, where he coaches activists and LGBT leaders worldwide on all facets of campaign management, strategy and communications. Most recently, Cameron advised successful campaigns to win the freedom to marry in Taiwan and Costa Rica – the first marriage victories in Asia and Central America, respectively.  Cameron started his career as the Director of Digital Action for Freedom to Marry, where he led digital programs and communications strategies in more than 25 states over six years, including more than a dozen key marriage victories, including Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island. Cameron was instrumental in the 2018 campaigns for the first-ever ballot victories for transgender rights in the U.S. in Alaska and Massachusetts.
  • Cara Mertes

    Project Director @ Ford Foundation

    Over a 25-year career in public television, non-profits and philanthropy, Cara Mertes has championed artists as leaders in society, working to harness the power of cultural expression to support communities, policies and priorities rooted in dignity and justice. With a background in independent media and as a producer/director, she is currently Ford Foundation’s Project Director for Moving Image Strategies. Previously roles include Director, JustFilms, Ford Foundation; Director, Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program and Executive Producer, PBS’ POV series, receiving dozens of awards. She has been recognized for contributions to the independent documentary field with multiple awards. Her BA is from Vassar College and MA is from Hunter College. Cara was raised in Kansas and lives in New Jersey with her family.
  • Caroline Kouassiaman

    Executive Director @ Initiative Sankofa d'Afrique de l'Ouest (ISDAO)

    Caroline (she/her) is a queer, bilingual (English/French) African feminist of Ivorian and African-American heritage. She is currently based in Accra, Ghana, where she works with Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO), a West African LGBTQI activist-led organization working to build a more just and inclusive West Africa. She is a decade-old in human rights and feminist philanthropy, and sees herself as a builder, a connector and a perpetual question-asker. Caroline works for a world where LGBTQI persons – in their full and beautiful diversity – have the opportunity, autonomy and resources to live full, healthy and violence-free lives on their own terms. 
  • Catalina Ruiz-Navarro

    Colombian feminist and journalist author of the book "Las mujeres que luchan se encuentran" (“Women Who Fight Find Each Other”), weekly op-ed columnist for the newspaper El Espectador in Colombia since 2008. Co-founder and director of the Latin American magazine, Volcánicas, centered on feminist journalism. One of the founders of the Colombian feminist collective Viejas Verdes, which seeks to disseminate information about our sexual and reproductive rights through social networks in a clear and simple language. Her work as a journalist has been published in international newspapers such as The Guardian and The Washington Post. Known in social media as @catalinapordios.
  • Cath Thompson

    Program Director @ the Peace and Security Funders Group

    Cath Thompson (she/her/hers) is a Program Director at the Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG), a global network of foundations and philanthropists that support a range of peace and security issues, from conflict and atrocities prevention; to transitional justice; to women, peace, and security; and beyond. Previously a Scoville Fellow and Fulbright Scholar, Cath’s fieldwork in peacebuilding and conflict resolution have brought her to North Africa, Senegal, Northern Ireland, and Iraq. She holds an M.A. in International Relations from Queens University Belfast, in Northern Ireland, and B.A.s in Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies, International Relations, Political Science, and African Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She's also a trained chef and novice urban gardener.
  • Chase Strangio

    Deputy Director for Trans Justice @ American Civil Liberties Union

    Chase Strangio is Deputy Director for Transgender Justice with the ACLU’s LGBT & HIV Project and a nationally recognized expert on transgender rights. He has litigated cases in state and federal court across the United States including at the US Supreme Court.
  • Claire Provost

    Global Investigations Editor @ openDemocracy

    Based in Italy, Claire joined openDemocracy in 2017 as its new gender and sexuality editor, and launched an investigative series that became our global Tracking the Backlash project. Previously, Claire worked at the UK Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ) and the Guardian, following the money and tracking the role of big corporations in international development.
  • Coco Jervis

    Grants Manager @ Feminist Philanthrophy 

    Coco Jervis is the Grants Manager at Mama Cash where she is leading the process of transitioning Mama Cash into a fully participatory grantmaker. Prior to starting at Mama Cash, Coco served as the campaign and communications manager at the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) based in Amsterdam. Born and raised in New York, Coco has broad experience in community organizing and human rights law with a specific focus on advocacy and activism on behalf of racial, sexual and gender minorities, immigrants, sex workers, drug users, incarcerated individuals and other populations disproportionately criminalized and affected by state sponsored violence.
  • Coley Gray

    Coley Gray is an expert is sexual and reproductive health and rights with more than two decades of experience working for donor foundations and NGOs. Her training is in public health and public policy.
  • Confidential

    For security reasons we are not including this speakers information. 
  • David Sampson

    Deputy Director @ The Baring Foundation

    David is the Deputy Director of the Baring Foundation and leads its social justice and international development programmes. He began his career as a lawyer in private practice and worked in public interest litigation and human rights in the US and UK before joining the Foundation. David is Chair of GALOP, the UK’s LGBT anti-violence & abuse charity, and Co-Chair of the Global Philanthropy Project.
  • Devi Leiper O'Malley

    Board Secretary @ Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific

    Devi Leiper O’Malley is a social justice advisor and strategist, supporting funders and feminists to redistribute resources and tell their stories. Most recently, she was Co-Executive Director of FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund from 2013-2019 and currently serves on the executive committee of Urgent Action Fund for Women Human Rights Defenders in Asia and Pacific. Devi co-founded the Devata Giving Circle, the first Cambodian-American giving circle and accompanied the formation of Uganda’s first sex-worker led collective, WONETHA. In 2020, she co-founded and co-produced Remember Who Made Them, a six-part podcast and digital campaign for garment worker solidarity. 
  • Diana Cariboni

    Latin America Commissioning Editor @ openDemocracy

    Diana is based in Uruguay and started writing for Tracking the Backlash in 2018. Now she coordinates our investigative reporting in Latin America. She was previously co-editor-in-chief of the IPS news agency and led its Latin America desk for more than ten years. She wrote the book ‘Guantánamo Entre Nosotros’ (2017) and won Uruguay’s national press award in 2018. 
  • Dr. Ramatu Bangura

    Executive Director @ Children's Rights Innovation Fund

    Dr. Ramatu Bangura is leading the design and inception of the Children’s Rights Innovation Fund (CRIF). Prior to CRIF, Ramatu previously served as a Program Officer for the NoVo Foundation’s Advancing Adolescent Girls’ Rights Initiative where she resourced work to advance the rights, leadership and safety of adolescent girls in the United States and in the Global South. Ramatu has spent the last 25 years engaging in organizing, advocacy and research on a host of issues impacting transnational girls, including early and forced marriage, sexual violence, trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation, and educational access for English Language Learners; in the United States and Central America. Ramatu earned both a Masters of Education (EdM) and Doctorate of Education (EdD) in from Teachers College, Columbia University. 
  • Dr. Stellah W. Bosire

    Co-Executive Director @ UHAI-EASHRI

    Dr. Stellah Wairimu Bosire is a queer feminist and medical doctor. She has extensive experience in patient care, medical operations and management in the public & private sectors and public health advocacy. She is a Future Leaders Connect Fellow (2018), an Aspen Fellow (2018), an Acumen Fellow (2019), and was named among Kenya’s top 40 under 40 influential women of 2017, and among the top 20 Science Face of Kenya, 2018.
  • Ecclesia De Lange

    Director @ Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM)

    Rev Ecclesia de Lange is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. After announcing to her congregation that she was going to marry her same-sex life partner, Ecclesia was charged, suspended, disciplined & discontinued as a Methodist minister in Feb 2010. This matter was heard in the High Court of Cape Town, Supreme Court of Appeal and in the Constitutional Court of South Africa. The courts decided that the matter be referred to the Church. After 8 years, she decided to take a more collaborative approach instead of an adversarial one. She has been involved with Inclusive and Affirming Ministries part-time since 2011 and was appointed as director in 2017. Ecclesia has extensive experience in business and facilitation.
  • Elena Rey

    Directora del Fondo Lunaria desde el 2012. Licenciada en sociología por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, con Maestría en Dirección de Recursos Humanos de la Universidad de Westminster. Investigadora en temas de mujeres y paz. Trabajo en proyectos de formación en derechos humanos con mujeres indígenas. Investigadora de derechos humanos, políticas de género y cooperación dentro del Observatorio de Seguimiento a Políticas Públicas para Pueblos Indígenas del Centro de Cooperación al Indigena (CECOIN). Editora y coautora del libro “Antigua era más duro: las mujeres indígenas de Antioquia hablan”.
  • Elmira Bayrasli

    Elmira Bayrasli is the Co-founder and CEO of Foreign Policy Interrupted/Interruptrr and a the Executive Director of the Bard Global and International Affairs program. She is the author of From the Other Side of the World: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places, a book that looks at the rise of entrepreneurship globally. Elmira has lived in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina where she was the Chief Spokesperson for the OSCE Mission. From 1994-2000 she was presidential appointee at the U.S. State Department, working for Madeleine Albright and Richard Holbrooke, respectively. Elmira provides analysis on foreign policy, particularly on Turkey.
  • Erica Lim

    Program Officer @ Arcus Foundation

    Erica has been at the Arcus Foundation for almost 9 years supporting the international portfolio in directing funds to LGBTQ communities globally for the advancement of rights. As program officer she manages grants in East and Southern Africa, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean with an emphasis on faith and LBQ communities. 
  • Esther Adhiambo

    Esther Adhiambo is the Executive Director of Initiative for Equality and Non-Discrimination (INEND), an organisation that advances the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in Kenya. Essy engages well-known perpetrators of violence towards sexual and gender minorities like motorcycle operators and public transport touts in order to change their mindset and perception about sexual and gender minorities. Essy is a fellow of the Human Rights Advocates Program at Columbia University (2014). She was featured in the HIVOS Bold and powerful women for change: East Africa’s campaign (2017)was an Upinde Awards Shujaa nominee (2017); Human Rights defender of the year nominee (2017); and was shortlisted for the 2019 Accountability International Leadership Award. Essy believes that,there are no gay rights, there are only human rights for all.
  • Evan Wolfson

    Director @ Freedom to Marry Global

    Evan Wolfson founded and led Freedom to Marry, the campaign that won marriage in the United States, and is widely considered the architect of the movement that led to nationwide victory in 2015. Following publication of his book, Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality, and Gay People's Right to Marry, in 2004, Time Magazine named Wolfson one of "the 100 most influential people in the world." Having achieved in 2015 the goal he had pursued for decades, Wolfson has since devoted his time to teaching at Georgetown Law and Yale, while advising and assisting diverse movements and causes in the U.S. eager to adapt the model and apply the lessons that made the Freedom to Marry campaign so successful. Together with other Freedom to Marry alumni, Wolfson also coaches human rights efforts worldwide under the banner of Freedom to Marry Global.
  • Evelyne Paradis

    Executive Director @ ILGA-Europe

    Evelyne Paradis is the Executive Director of ILGA-Europe. She is responsible for providing overall leadership, strategic direction and management of the organisation.
  • Fernando D'Elio

    Executive Director @ AKAHATA

    Argentinean activist and researcher. Founder member and executive director of Akahatá, organization based in Buenos Aires, meeting South American activists working on sexual rights. He has a magister degree on politic sciences and sociology and has been working for more than 20 years in the field of human rights issues related to sexuality and gender including LGBTI+, sex workers, people living with HIV-aids among others. 
  • Francisco Butching

    Vice President of Grants, Programs, and Communications @ Horizons Foundation

    As VP of Grants, Programs, and Communications, Francisco oversees all of Horizons Foundation’s grantmaking, programmatic strategies, and communication activities. He also spearheads the Global Faith and Equality Fund – a 17 years initiative funding at the intersection of Faith, LGBTI rights, and Reproductive Justice. Francisco brings to Horizons a background as a research scientist, a public health professional, and an experienced grantmaker. His 25 plus years of experience in government, philanthropy, and nonprofit organizations include forming private-public partnerships, leading knowledge brokerage initiatives, and problem-solving through a mix of creative yet simple solutions with clear success metrics. Francisco has authored a bimonthly newspaper column and served on various community-based organization boards and museum advisories.
  • Françoise Moudouthe

    CEO @ African Women's Development Fund (AWDF)

    A pan-African feminist with roots in Cameroon, Françoise Moudouthe is passionate about advocating for women’s rights and fostering sisterhood within African feminist movements. Before joining the African Women’s Development Fund as CEO, Françoise established Eyala, a bilingual platform that amplifies the voices and lived experiences of African feminists, and worked as an international consultant for gender justice in Africa. Prior to that, she dedicated eight years to incubating Girls Not Brides, the global civil society partnership to end child marriage, and spearheading its growth in Africa. Françoise is a Board member of the Malala Fund and a Trustee of Womankind Worldwide.
  • Geetanjali Misra

    Geetanjali Misra is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of CREA. She is a feminist who has worked at the activist, grant-making, and policy levels on issues of sexuality, reproductive health, gender, human rights, and violence against women. Before joining CREA, she was a Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, where she supported non-governmental organisations in Asia working in the fields of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women and Women's Human Rights. Geeta has served as Co-Chair, President, and Advisor for multiple organisational and Boards. She also co-founded SAKHI for South Asian women in New York and has taught as an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. As an author, Geeta has several publications to her name.
  • Gillian Kane

    Senior Technical Manager for Policy & Advocacy @ Ipas

    Gillian Kane joined Ipas’s Policy Program in May 2008. Gillian works with partners in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa to develop progressive laws and policies on sexual and reproductive health and rights. This includes creating strategies and monitoring mechanisms to address challenges from opponents to abortion and LGBTQ rights. Gillian established Ipas’s Global Monitoring Project, which tracks international opposition to sexual, reproductive and LGBTQ-rights. She has published extensively on issues related to gender and reproductive health and rights. Gillian holds an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from New York University, and a BA in History from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
  • Hakima Abbas

    Co-Executive Director @ AWID

    Hakima Abbas is an African feminist who has been active in social movements for two decades. Trained in international affairs, her work as a policy analyst, popular educator, advocate and strategist has focused on strengthening and supporting movements for transformation. Hakima is currently the co-Executive Director of AWID, a global feminist movement-support and membership organization with over 6600 members in 180 countries.
  • Hannah Martin

    Co-Executive Director @ Green New Deal UK

    Hannah is an organiser and campaigner. She has organised with Greenpeace UK leading their energy and climate team, the UK anti fracking movement, and for the last year supported the UK Student Climate Network and the Youth Strikes for Climate to mobilise, including towards the September Climate Strikes. Before working as a campaigner she had a career in the children’s services sector, helped set up a successful social enterprise and worked with young people in her home city of Wakefield.
  • Happy Mwende Kinyili

    Director of Programmes @ Mama Cash

    Happy Mwende Kinyili has been working for Mama Cash since 2014, first as Senior Program Officer for the Body Portfolio and since July 2017 as director of the Programmes team.
    Happy comes to Mama Cash from UHAI - the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, an indigenous, activist fund supporting Eastern African LGBTI and sex worker movements.
  • Inas Miloud

    Co-director @ Tamazight Women’s Movement

    Inas Miloud is an indigenous feminist activist. She is the former Lead Coordinator of 1325 Network in Libya, and Former Indigenous Senior Fellow at the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples. She is the co-founder and currently Co-executive Director of Tamazight Women’s Movement, an intersectional organization that works to address gender, youth and indiegnous peoples inequalities in Libya. Her works have been particularly focused on gender, peace and security, militarization, indigenous issues, and intersectionality. Inas is a member of RESURJ. 
  • Inge Snip

    Global Commissioning Fellow @ openDemocracy

    Inge is a Dutch multimedia journalist who has been based in Georgia since 2012. She joined the team in March 2020 as a fellow focused on the health impacts of the backlash against women’s and LGBTIQ rights in Eurasia. From September 2020 to March 2021 she has been developing her commissioning skills with Tracking the Backlash and openDemocracy’s oDR section. Previously, Inge worked as Coda Story’s Impact Editor. She has also worked with organisations including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UNICEF.
  • Janette Akhilgova

    Janette Akhilgova works as Russia and North Caucasus Consultant at the Equality Now as well as being the Chief of the Board of RC-DEV, a local non-profit in Ingushetia which is focused on building capacity of women and youth organizations. The region faces challenges in putting rule of law behind women’s rights. Janette holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University and works on capacity building and connecting of the civil society and activists in the region for a stronger collective voice and a better achievement of their common goals.
  • Jasmine Lovely George

    Director @ Hidden Pockets

    Jasmine Lovely George is a lawyer, and a sexual and reproductive health advocate from India. She has founded Hidden Pockets, a community interest startup working on access to sexual and reproductive health in cities. She is passionate about changing technology spaces and making them more inclusive for people of all genders. She has been working with diverse minority groups and has been working on changing the narrative around pleasure, access and technology.
  • Joaninne Nanyange

    Joaninne Nanyange is a feminist lawyer, consultant, researcher and writer with over eight years’ experience working with criminalized communities in Uganda and Kenya. She currently works as a Program Officer for the American Jewish World Service (AJWS) in Kenya. She has previously worked as the Deputy Executive Director at Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF – Uganda) where she took lead on the annual documentation of violations suffered by sex workers and LGBTIQ persons in Uganda; training of state actors like the Police and the Uganda Human Rights Commission on rights of LGBTIQ persons; analysis of laws that affect criminalized communities; and building of the legal challenges at the Ugandan Constitutional Court and the East African Court of Justice, that led to the annulment of Uganda’s Anti- Homosexuality Act.
  • Jolynn Shoemaker

    Fellow @ Our Secure Future: Women Make the Difference

    Jolynn Shoemaker focuses on gender equality in international peace and security. She has worked with non-profit organizations engaged in policy-relevant research, advocacy, and training on Women, Peace and Security and women's leadership. She also serves as Director of Global Engagements at University of California, Davis and has taught national security as an adjunct professor at California State University Sacramento. She served as the Executive Director of Women in International Security (WIIS)and led a number of research and advocacy projects at Institute for Inclusive Security. Ms. Shoemaker has served in policy and legal positions in the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Department of State. She holds a J.D and a M.A. (Security Studies) from Georgetown University and a B.A. from University of California, San Diego.
  • Joseph W. Tolton

    Executive Director @ TFAM Global 

    Bishop Joseph William Tolton serves as the Executive Director of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries Global Office. Bishop Tolton partners with local faith-based activists in East Africa and directly provides pastoral care, leadership training, and inspires creative advocacy schemes. Bishop leads LGBTIQ leaders and progressive clergy in designing campaigns with civil society advocates, media professionals, academics, and political leaders to create holistic coalitions in support of queer dignity. Under Bishop Tolton’s leadership, TFAM in East Africa has established several open and affirming congregations grounded in progressive theology, pan Africanism, and womanism.  Bishop Tolton graduated from Vassar with a BA in religion, and also earned an MBA from Columbia University Business School.
  • Joy Asasira

    Deputy Managing Director @ Strategic Issues and Reserch Council

    Joy Asasira is an African Sexual Reproductive Health, Human Rights, and Gender advocate and strategist. She has established a global advocacy, campaigns, movement building and coordination footprint that includes challenging laws and policies that negatively impact on the reproductive health and rights of women and girls. She is a winner of the Uganda Law Society best Female Human Rights Lawyer Award 2018/2019 and was also recognized as an emerging mid-career woman leader in Global Health at the 2017 Women Leaders in Global Health Conference, Stanford University. Currently, she works as the deputy-managing director of the Strategic Issues and Research Council. She has a Master of Public Health Leadership (Save the Mothers) from Uganda Christian University and also a Bachelor of Laws from Makerere University.
  • Joy L. Chia

    Team Manager @ Open Society Foundations, Women's Rights Program

    Joy L. Chia is the Team Manager with the Women’s Rights Program at the Open Society Foundations, and leads its work on “Power of the Collective” which supports feminist activism, community mobilization and advocacy to be more independent, resilient, vibrant, and inclusive. Joy was previously the East Asia program officer with the OSF Asia Pacific Regional Office and led the program’s grant-making portfolios on equality and human rights in East Asia. Joy is passionate about the transformative potential of philanthropy, especially when democratized, and is currently the co-chairs of the Steering Committees for Philanthropies Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR) and the Women’s Funds Collaborative, an ambitious multi-philanthropy initiative dedicated to institutional strengthening of feminist funds around the globe.
  • Judy Diers 

    Program Officer @ Ford Foundation 

    Judith Diers, is a fierce supporter of girls' and young feminists' organizing. As a program officer, she is advancing Ford Foundation's work with adolescents, including a focus on transforming how the developmental science and youth systems are responsive to the lived experience of adolescents. Judy brings a critical gender lens throughout her work, supporting a critique of the power structures that keep girls from being seen, valued, and fully engaged in their communities. Prior to joining Ford, Judy served as UNICEF’s chief of Adolescent Development and Participation, setting the global strategic direction for the organization’s adolescent-focused programs and policies. Before that, she held several positions at the Population Council, including deputy director of the Poverty, Gender, and Youth program. 
  • Kasia Staszewska

    Resourcing Feminist Movements Advocacy Lead @ Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID)

    Kasia is an Advocacy Lead for the Resourcing Feminist Movements Initiative with AWID.  As a passionate feminist activist and advocate, she has been supporting the work of feminist and social justice movements for the last 15 years. Before joining AWID Kasia used to lead policy and advocacy work on women’s human rights for ActionAid and Amnesty International, and prior to that, worked with a number of feminist and women’ organisations in the East and Horn of Africa, Middle East, Central and Eastern Europe, and globally. Kasia is based in Warsaw, Poland, where she engages with the feminist struggles for the right to abortion and sits in the consultation council for the Polish Feminist Fund.
  • Kay Thi Win

    Regional Coordinator @ Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)

    My name is Kay Thi Win, I am a sex worker and has been advocating for health and human rights of sex workers since 2005. For the past nine years, I has been part of the HIV prevention program for FSW (Female Sex Workers) and MSM (men having sex with men) across Myanmar. Currently, I m a Regional Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), working with members and partners across the Asia Pacific region and founder of Aye Myanmar Association (AMA), a sex worker-led organization in Myanmar. I am a President of the Global Network of Sex Workers project (NSWP), represents Asia Pacific as part of the International Steering Committee of the Red Umbrella Fund, Former Board member of AWID and working in partership with women rights organization and movement. 
  • Khatondi Soita

    East Africa Investigations Fellow @ openDemocracy

    Ugandan-based Khatondi joined the Tracking the Backlash team in September 2020 as a full-time fellow for six months. She worked as a freelance contributor to our investigation into crisis pregnancy centres and also contributed to the team’s reporting on the effect of COVID-19 on maternal health and on sex workers in Uganda. Khatondi is an advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights and co-founder of Free Inquiry Uganda, a secular organisation advocating for the separation of church and state
  • Kirsty McNeill

    Executive Director-Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns @ Save the Children UK

    Kirsty has spent her career at the intersection between public opinion, public pressure and public policy. She currently leads teams to galvanise the public and influence policymakers on humanitarian action, global development and help for children here in the UK. Previously, she founded a consultancy advising some of the world’s leading social purpose organisations and spent three years as a Special Adviser in Number 10. She also led the policy and influencing work of DATA, Bono and Bob Geldof’s advocacy organisation, in Britain, Germany, France, Italy and the EU institutions. Today she is on the boards of Larger Us, the Holocaust Educational Trust, the Coalition for Global Prosperity and the Center for Countering Digital Hate.
  • Laetitia Delaunay/Badolo


    Laetitia is a Senior Advocacy Officer at Niyel. She is mainly responsible for the planning and delivery of advocacy and public affairs projects and leads communications and advocacy campaigns for a range of issues. She works with NGOs, civil society organizations, think tanks, politicians, political parties, development institutions and foundations. Her work focuses mainly on how to provide a clear, relevant and concise roadmap for organizations leading to an optimal achievement of their objectives. This is translated by the strategies she develops, research, trainings on advocacy, implementation of advocacy initiatives and support to organizations. She has worked across the region on education, sanitation, health, agriculture, migration, governance, climate change, politics and culture.
  • Lana Bobić

    Lana Bobić is a theologian, feminist and activist born in Zagreb in 1985. She received her MA from the University Center for Protestant Theology "Matija Vlacic Ilirik", and finished Peace Studies at the Center for Peace Studies. Her field of academic interest is feminist theology, that is, feminist critical theory in religion. She has been working with the Autonomous Women's House Zagreb from 2012 to 2017. Since the end of 2016, she has been leading the In Bona Fide initiative, and since 2018 she has been the Executive Director of the CSO IN BONA FIDE. She is a columnist and a commentator in a debate show on Croatian National Television. She has been actively involved in advocating women rights in Croatia, working with numerous organisations and initiatives fighting SGBV. She has been very active in opposing anti-gender movement.
  • Laura María Carvajal Echeverry

    Programs Coordinator @ Urgent Action Fund for Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean

    Feminista bogotana, antropóloga y especialista en Estudios Feministas de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Integrante del equipo del FAU-AL desde 2015 y actualmente Coordinadora de Programas. Practica la música y danza como formas de sanación y resistencia
  • Libby Hoffman

    President @ Catalyst for Peace

    Founder and president, Catalyst for Peace, and co-founder, Fambul Tok in Sierra Leone; building an infrastructure of peace, from the inside out. Author - The Answers Are There: Building Peace from the Inside Out (forthcoming)
  • Liz Manne

    Co-director @ Story at Scale; Principal@ Liz Manne Strategy

    Liz Manne is a former film and television marketing executive and producer who applies her expertise in storytelling and strategy to advance social change. She provides customized senior advisory services to help mission-driven organizations tackle big challenges. Liz is the former executive director of FilmAid International, and as a senior media industry professional (HBO Films, SundanceTV, Fine Line Features), she helped shepherd more than 100 critically-acclaimed and award-winning films to market. An expert in cultural strategy for social change, Liz is co-director of Story at Scale and led #PopJustice: Social Justice and the Promise of Pop Culture Strategies. She is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and served on President Barack Obama’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. Learn more:
  • Luis Tirado

    Founding Member @ Asociación para las Infancias Transgénero

    Luis Tirado Morales is a 17-year-old trans activist and co-founder of the Association for Transgender Childhoods in Mexico. He was the first person under 18 to change his birth certificate through an administrative procedure by legal protection in Mexico. After this, the association presented a law reform for the acknowledgement of trans* childhoods that was approved in 2019 but has been retained by the current Chamber of Deputies. He studies his second year of high school in the Mexican Swiss College, where he is part of the theater ensemble and co-founder of the LGBTQ+ student group. He's also in charge of the project of building community between trans* kids through art and performance.
  • Lydia Namubiru

    Africa Editor @ openDemocracy

    Based in Uganda, Lydia joined Tracking the Backlash in 2019 and leads our investigations in Africa, collaborating with freelance and other journalists and media outlets across the continent. She is a data journalist and recently worked for the BBC World Service as an investigative documentary producer, and as a trainer for the African Centre for Media Excellence.
  • Lyric Thompson

    Lyric Thompson is the Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy at the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW). In this capacity, she leads the institution’s formulation of evidence-based policy recommendations and oversees ICRW’s advocacy efforts with the U.S. Government and internationally. She is an adjunct professor at the George Washington University, where she teaches a graduate level course on women’s rights advocacy. Lyric is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations Advisory Committee on Advancing Gender Equality in Foreign Affairs; a member of the Civil Society Strategic Planning and Leadership Group for the Global Forum for Gender Equality; an appointee to the North Carolina Council for Women; and a two-time apolitical "World's 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy."
  • Madalena Pochec

    Co-Founder and Board Member @ FemFund

    As an initiator and co-founder of the FemFund in Poland I'm a feminist participatory grantmaker and resource mobiliser. I have diverse experience in grantmaking at international and country level. I have coordinated human rights grants portfolio of the Stefan Batory Foundation (a major donor for Polish civil society organisations established by George Soros in 1988), I'm a member of FundAction and used to serve as a regional advisor of FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund. I'm co-author and co-editor of two subsequent alternative reports on the implementation of CEDAW (the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women) in Poland.
  • Mallika Dutt

    President @ INTER-CONNECTED

    Mallika Dutt inspires leaders to remember their innate interconnectedness and transform their impact. In a world of division and isolation, she invites us to see our shared well-being with people and planet. She asks us to embrace collaboration and cultivate a world where we can flourish and thrive together. Mallika’s wisdom is born from decades on the frontlines, championing human rights in local and global contexts. As a multimedia curator and storyteller, she has used culture to change culture through award-winning campaigns that have touched millions.  Malika's methodology incorporates creative and approaches, including: narrative strategy, storytelling, somatic embodiment, energy medicine, yoga and contemplative practices. This methodology invites us to bring together self, community, systems and the earth in our leadership.
  • Marcia Soumokil

    Country Director @ Ipas indonesia

    Prior to joining Ipas, Dr. Soumokil worked for several international organizations within Indonesia in the areas of HIV, adolescent reproductive health, maternal and newborn health, and health governance. Dr. Soumokil is a trained medical doctor and began her career as a general practice physician in a community health clinic. She also holds a Masters of Public Health degree from University of Melbourne, Australia. She currently serves on the boards of the Indonesia AIDS Coalition and the Indonesia HIV Positive Women Network.
  • María Luisa Peralta

    Latin America and the Caribbean Programme Officer @ Akahatá

    María Luisa Peralta is a lesbian activist since 1996. She’s based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she has been part of several LGTB organizations and groups. She is part of the collective for the archives Sex and Revolution – Feminist and sex-gender political memories programme at the CeDInCI/University of San Martin. She works with Akahatá – Equipo de trabajo en sexualidades y géneros, where she is charge of the Latin American and Caribbean programme. In that capacity, she develops the organization’s advocacy work before the OAS and has a coordination role in the Coalition of Latin American and Caribbean LGBTTTI and Sex Workers Organizations Working at the OAS. She is a free lance translator with AWID. For the last decade, her activism has focused on the strengthening of a social justice-oriented LGTB and sexual rights movement. 
  • Marisa Viana da Silva

    Executive coordinator of RESURJ

    Marisa Viana is currently the Executive coordinator of RESURJ - a transnational feminist alliance of activists grounded in the global south working to realize sexual and reproductive justice. Marisa is a native from the Brazilian Amazon and has been a human rights and sexual and reproductive justice advocate since the age of 18. Marisa’s commitment and dedication to sexual and reproductive justice is deeply rooted in her personal experiences growing up in the Brazilian Amazon where discrimination and violence against women, girls, trans and non-binary is rampant. Marisa’s experience spans evidence-based advocacy, program development, participatory evaluation, implementation of LGBT youth-friendly health services for adolescents living with HIV; and grant-making for HIV and LGBT and women focused organizations. She has led young feminist organizing at the global, regional, and national levels and worked with various feminist women’s rights organizations regionally and globally. She is a member of the BRICS Feminist Watch, the Vecinas Feministas for sexual and reproductive justice in Latin America, and an advisor to Mama Cash. After overcoming many barriers including not attending school until the age of 11, Marisa is the first in her family to attend university. She has a B.A. in International Affairs and Environmental Social Justice from Northeastern University and a Master of Public Health – Population and Family Health from Columbia University.
  • Marlene Laruelle

    Director @ Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at the George Washington University

    Marlene Laruelle, Ph.D., is Director and Research Professor at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES), Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University. Dr. Laruelle is also Director of the Illiberalism Studies Program and a Co-Director of PONARS (Program on New Approaches to Research and Security in Eurasia). Dr. Laruelle received her Ph.D. in history at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO) and her post-doctoral degree in political science at Sciences-Po in Paris. She works on Russia's ideological landscape and Russia's soft power, especially toward European far-right constituencies.
  • Masen Davis

    Executive Director @ Transgender Europe

    Masen Davis has been advocating for trans issues since 1998. Masen currently serves as interim executive director of Transgender Europe and his previous work includes serving as CEO of Freedom for All Americans, a bipartisan campaign to secure full nondiscrimination protections in the United States; Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center, which grew to become the largest trans NGO under his leadership; and interim Executive Director of Global Action for Trans Equality where he helped launch the International Trans Fund. On a day off, he can often be found exploring Berlin with his scrappy terrier, Rex.
  • Mauro Cabral Grinspan

    Executive Director @ GATE 

    Mauro Cabral Grinspan is the Executive Director of GATE, an international NGO focused on trans, gender diverse and intersex issues. He also coordinates the Argentinian working group Justicia Intersex. On behalf of GATE, Mauro co-chairs the Thematic Group on National Laws and Policies at the Equal Rights Coalition. He is a member different Boards, including the International Advisory Board of the LGTBI Program at Human Rights Watch and the Editorial Board of Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. Mauro holds a Degree in History by the Universidad Nacional of Cordoba (Argentina), where he also taught seminars on temporality and biotechnology. In 2009, he edited the book Interdicciones. Escrituras de la Intersexualidad en Castellano. He received the Bob Hepple Equality Award in 2015. 
  • Meerim Ilyas

    Meerim is the Deputy Head of Protection at Front Line Defenders, to help oversee the coordination of protection for HRDs at risk. Meerim has a specific focus on strengthening FLD's support for women and LGBTIQ+ human rights defenders, and overall organizational systems and policies as relevant to gender equality and intersectionality. Prior to FLD, she was a Senior Program Officer at the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, where she led work on holistic security for WHRDs, and coordinated outreach, advocacy and grant support for environmental and indigenous WHRDs. Meerim was born and raised in Kyrgyzstan, and is a key resource person for LGBTIQ+ activists in Central Asia and other regions who are in need of assistance. Due to personal experiences, Meerim has a deep commitment to issues around access and disability.
  • Michael Heflin

    Director for Equality @ Open Society Foundations

    Michael Heflin is the Director of Equality at the Open Society Human Rights Initiative. In his role, Michael oversees Open Society’s grant making to advance equality in several key areas including LGBTI rights and the rights of persons with disabilities. Michael came to Open Society in 2009 to launch a global initiative on LGBTI rights focused on supporting emerging LGBTI rights groups in the global East and South. Prior to joining Open Society, Michael was managing director of the Campaigns Unit for Amnesty International USA. He also served as the founding director of Amnesty’s LGBT rights program. Michael holds a law degree with a focus on human rights from the University of Cincinnati where he served as fellow at the Urban Morgan Human Rights Institute and as an editor of the Human Rights Quarterly. 
  • Mirta Moragas Mereles

    Coordinator @ Las Ramonas - Member @ Vecinas Feministas

    Mirta Moragas is Paraguayan lawyer, feminist activist and human rights advocate. She has an LLM in International Legal Studies from the American University Washington College of Law with a specialization in human rights and gender. She is a founder member of Vecinas Feministas por la Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva en América Latina (Feminist Neighbors for Sexual and Reproductive Justice in Latin-America) and has been for several years the Regional Coordinator of the Campaign for an Inter-American Convention on Human Rights and Reproductive Rights, a network of feminists and LGTBI organizations that promotes a binding instrument on sexual rights and reproductive rights in the Inter-American System of Human Rights. Mirta is also a member of RESURJ. At the national level, she coordinates the advocacy team of the Network against all forms of discrimination, a network of Paraguayan organizations that promotes a bill against all forms of discrimination in Paraguay. Also, she belongs to Las Ramonas, a feminist group in Paraguay that coordinates the Consultorio Jurídico Feminista, a group of lawyers and social science professionals that provide free services to women. Moreover, she has experience collaborating with shadow reports process at the UN for several Committees such as CEDAW, CESCR, CERD, HRC and to the Universal Periodic Review. She also works as a litigator and researcher in issues regarding gender, sexuality and human rights.
  • Mónica Enríquez-Enríquez

    Born and raised in Colombia, Mónica is a queer migrant who lives in New York and has been working for gender justice and LGBTQI rights for fifteen years, including seven years in progressive and feminist philanthropy focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to FJS, Mónica worked for Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice as a program officer and associate director of programs. Mónica holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University and a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and New Media from University of California Santa Cruz. Mónica believes in the power of grassroots movements, in artivism as a tool to imagine and create a more just world, and in interdependence as a way to heal and sustain our planet and our communities.
  • Mónica Roa

    Mónica Roa is a Colombian lawyer based in Spain, has over 20 years of experience in successfully contributing to social change efforts at the intersection of law, politics, and communications. She founded BRIDGES to contribute building a world where advocates for human rights and gender justice perform like the best jazz band, playing excellent music without a director or sheet music and inspiring diverse audiences to follow our beat by working in harmonic, strategic, and responsive ways. She brings to this endeavor her leadership, vision, desire to innovate, and capacity to work across movements, strategies, and regions.
  • Morena Herrera

    President @ Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto Terapéutico, Ético y Eugenésico

    A feminist and human rights activist, Morena participated in different national organizations and regional networks that defend women’s human rights. She is a founding member of Las Dignas, member of the Colectiva Feminista para el Desarrollo Local [Feminist Collective for Local Development], President of the Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto Terapéutico, Ético y Eugenésico [Citizens’ Group for the Decriminalization of Therapeutic, Ethical, and Eugenic Abortion], and many other local and regional organizations.
  • Mukami Marete

    Co-Executive Director @ UHAI-EASHRI

    Mukami Marete is a queer feminist, with a long and broad activist career of 18 years, working at the intersection of financial management, human resource management, human rights, and social justice. Her career has particularly concerned the human rights
    of sexual and gender minorities people, and sex workers, reproductive justice, and environmental justice.She has an MBA in Strategy and a Bachelors Degree in Building Economics both from University of Nairobi; a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Human Resource Management, Kenya; and is a Certified Public Accountant, trained at Strathmore University.
    Mukami is a mother of two, and believes that love makes a family. She is raising her children to be resilient for the patriarchal, racist, imperialist, and sexist world she finds herself in.
  • Nancy Kelley

    Chief Executive @ Stonewall UK

    Nancy Kelley is Stonewall’s Chief Executive. Nancy previously was the Deputy Chief Executive at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). At NatCen, she led a team of over 80 researchers specialising in social issues like health, crime and justice, education, work and income. Nancy is a passionate advocate for social justice and equality, and while at NatCen has worked on public attitudes to LGBT communities, as well as experiences of discrimination and social exclusion across LGBT communities and other disadvantaged groups. Nancy joined Stonewall after a transformational period for the charity which saw it become fully trans inclusive, develop ground-breaking partnerships with the likes of UK Black Pride and release a series of in-depth research reports, describing the state of the nation for LGBT people in Britain.
  • Nandini Archer

    Global Commissioning Editor @ openDemocracy

    Nandini is based in the UK and joined openDemocracy in 2018. Now she supports cross-border investigations and leads our work with frontline activists to tell their own stories of grassroots resistance. She previously worked at the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion and is a member of the feminist direct action group Sisters Uncut in London.
  • Nani Zulminarni

    Director @ PEKKA

    Nani has been working on women’s empowerment at the grass root level since 1987. In 2001, Nani founded PEKKA (Women Headed Family Empowerment) focusing on empowering female heads of family, the poorest of the poor in Indonesia. Nani co-founded several national networks and NGOs like ASPPUK (Association of NGOs Working with Women Entrepreneurs and Micro Businesses), ALIMAT (a network of activists and Islamic scholars for a just system for families in the Muslim context) and FAMM Indonesia a network. Nani has been elected President of ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Association for Adult and Basic Education) since 2016, Vice President of ICAE (International Council for Adult Education), advisor of JASS-SEA and Ashoka South East Asia Leader.
  • Nathalie Margi

    Nathalie Margi is Senior Advocacy Officer at Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights (UAF), where she advocates with partners for better protection and support for WHRDs. Before joining UAF, she advocated for women’s rights at the UN in NY, managed projects on LGBTI rights and women’s leadership in post-earthquake Haiti, launched programs in Lebanon to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in the context of the Syrian crisis, organized workshops in the DRC on UN Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security, worked with the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran, and taught a university course on the UN. Nathalie earned an M.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Rutgers University and an LL.M. in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Essex. 
  • Nguru Karugu

    Nguru Karugu is a Public Health and Human Rights Consultant who has over twenty five combined years’ experience in public health and rights based engagement with diverse marginalized individuals including LGBTI communities in Africa, the U.S., and internationally. He has also worked closely with faith and religious leaders on HIV related issues. Nguru has been involved in grant making for LGBTI communities across the globe from 1998 and worked in different capacities with Astraea Foundation for Justice, Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa and UHAI-EASHRI. Nguru is presently the Executive Director of Public Health Innovations, a health and rights consulting firm that specializes in enhancing the capacity of marginalized communities including LGBTI, and Key Populations in the East African region
  • Nidhi Goyal

    Founder and Executive Director @ Rising Flame

    A disability and gender rights expert, she is the founder and executive director of Rising Flame a National award winning Indian non profit working on rights of persons with disabilities with a focus on women and youth with disabilities. She is a researcher, writer, trainer, campaigner and advocate advancing disability rights and gender justice in social as well as policy spaces. She sits on several boards and committees nationally and globally. Her work attempts to bridge the gap between international standards on inclusion and diversity to the existing local realities.
  • Nisa Sanz

    President @ Homoparental Families Association of Costa Rica

    Born in Costa Rica, I am a wife and a mother of three boys . I have worked in the private sector for the last 25 years as an international marketing executive. I became activist when we realized our family was not legally recognized in Switzerland nor in Costa Rica and became the first family with children recognized by two mothers in both countries. In 2012 we founded the Diverse Families Association with the intention to provide visibility and legal support to LGTBIQ+ parents. After the advisory opinion 24/17 in relation to equal marriage, the Constitutional Court of CR gave 18 months to entry into force, I led an effort to create a coalition of 35+ LGTBI+ organizations to carry out the first ever mass communication campaign to ease the cultural change in our traditional society and the results exceeded by far our expectations.
  • Njeri Gateru

    Njeri Gateru is a queer feminist human rights lawyer with seven years working experience working on the protection of minorities in Kenya including asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and LGBTIQ communities. She is founding member and the Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in Kenya, an organization that provides legal aid and engages in strategic litigation towards equal rights and protection of LGBTIQ persons in Kenya. NGLHRC has successfully litigated for registration of LGBTIQ organizations and ending forced anal examinations. Currently, the organization is litigating towards decriminalization of homosexuality in Kenya. Njeri also curates the ‘Because Womxn’ forum – a radical space for conversation and collective design on leadership, security and collective design for LBQ womxn in Kenya
  • Nuria Alabao

    Researcher @ Calala

    I am a journalist and PHD in Social and Cultural Anthropology. As an activist I am part of the Fundación de los Comunes and other feminist collectives. I write in several media and coordinate the Feminism's section of I am part of the Research Group on Social Exclusion and Control of the University of Barcelona.
    Right now I am investigating the intersections between feminism and the conservative reaction (anti-feminism, post-fascism, etc.). I try to look from below, from social organizations and their forms of resistance and production of knowledge. 
  • Oriana Lopez Uribe

    Executive Director @ Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud

    Oriana López Uribe is a pansexual feminist from Mexico and the Executive Director of Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud. She began her activism at the age of 15 as a sexual rights and health promoter. She works from a positive approach on sexuality, abortion and social justice. Her expertise on sexual and reproductive justice is focused on narrative change, access to education and health services. She is the Executive Director of Balance a Mexican feminist organization working on adolescents’ bodily autonomy, abortion and creating community/improving the context for sapphic women*. Oriana seats in the Supervisory Board of Mama Cash and is the LAC representative of ILGA World’s Bisexual Committee. Oriana is a member of Vecinas Feministas and RESURJ.
  • Paul-Gilbert Colletaz

    Coordinator @ Red Umbrella Fund

    Besides his experience in sex workers’ rights, Paul-Gilbert has two master’s degrees in International Relations from the University of Strasbourg (France) and the University of Udine (Italy). Paul-Gilbert has coordinated multiple programmes aiming to build the capacity of sex worker-led organisations on international normative guidance and the Global Fund, has worked with a variety of donors and has provided technical support to several sex worker-led organisations in developing and implementing monitoring, evaluation and learning systems. Paul-Gilbert speaks French and English fluently and has basic Hindi and Italian skills.
  • Paula Sánchez-Mejorada

    Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir México

    Paula Sánchez-Mejorada has a Degree in International Relations and a Masters in Public Administration with a specialization in non-profit management, as well as diplomas in development, civil society, gender studies and migration. Paula became a feminist 15 years ago when she started her career at Semillas Women’s Fund in Mexico. Since then, she has continued to work in civil society organizations and in government on issues related to human rights and specifically women’s human rights. In these spheres she has been responsible for managing programs and projects at the national and local level, and has particularly focused on resource mobilization. Paula joined Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir Mexico in 2015 as part of the Institutional Development team and since September 2020 is Co-Director of the organization. 
  • Raisa Borshchigova

    Raisa works as Senior Program Officer at Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights. Prior to joining the philanthropy sector, she worked for the Russian North Caucasus’s largest civil society project, the Young Women’s Development Group, providing education to teenage girls. In 2016, she was awarded the Galina Starovoitova Fellowship at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute in Washington, DC, where she took residence. There, she began to synthesize years of work on women’s and girl’s rights and LGBT rights as she embarked on transforming her first-hand experiences into academic research. Raisa holds a master's degree in journalism from the Centre de Formation des Journalistes. 
  • Riki Conrey

    Co-director @ Story at Scale; Science Director @ Harmony Labs

    Riki Conrey uses the big data that flow through our culture to help artists make the world better. She works on what our audiences are interested in when they're not paying attention to social issues and in what we can say to them when they are. This month, Riki's team has discovered where people get their stories about how poverty and money work in America (mostly from TV news), which YouTube creators reach audiences vulnerable to conspiracy theories (animal rescue and history vloggers), and what kinds of stories about immigration connect with audiences whose core values include security, tradition, and family (everyone's from somewhere). In 2020, Riki Conrey and Liz Manne co-directed a movement-driven project to identify the narrative and audiences that will help us realize true gender justice.
  • Ruby Johnson

    Independent Consultant @ Purposeful

    Ruby Johnson, is a feminist organizer, strategist, and researcher, committed to redistributing resources and power to young feminist movements, centering girls, young women, and non-binary young people across all her work. She was the Co-Executive Director at FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund between 2013-2019 and is currently working as a social justice consultant with a range of feminist organizations, womens funds, private funders and UN agencies. She has expertise in designing participatory decision models, and had a critical role in the supporting the pop up fund the Global Resilience Fund. She is the Co-host and Co-Founder of Remember Who Made Them - is a new podcast series, digital campaign and fundraiser to help energise a new solidarity economy in fashion. 
  • Salome Chagelishvili

    Salome is a feminist activist from Tbilisi, Georgia, devoted to social and gender justice. She holds a MA in gender studies, and has been engaged in feminist, queer and green movements for the past nine years, working amongst others on issues of GBV, DV, SRHR, LGBTIQ rights, and holistic and digital security and rights. Salome is a member of the Independent Group of Feminists - a non-formal, non-hierarchical and non-registered initiative that unites feminists with diverse backgrounds in Georgia. Currently, she works with Women's Fund in Georgia, fully engaged in women's/feminist movement building, providing feminist funding, and encouraging local feminist philanthropy. Salome serves at AWID board for 2020-2022.
  • Sanjar Kurmanov

    Sanjar is from Kyrgyzstan. He has worked several years as Executive Director of Labrys, Kyrgyzstan’s main LGBTQIA organisation. Sanjar built his expertise on legal gender recognition as well as developing partnerships with the sex workers movement, drug users and community building in Kyrgyzstan. Since 2019 Sanjar works for Transgender Europe as coordinator of the PROtrans project on monitoring discrimination and violence against trans people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  • Selly Thiam

    CEO @ AQ Studios Podcast Company, Founder @ None on Record

    Selly Thiam is the CEO and founder of AQ Studios, an African Podcast Company and founder of the LGBT digital media organization None on Record. She is the Executive Producer and host of the award winning AfroQueer podcast. Before founding None on Record and AQ Studios she was a journalist and producer for National Public Radio, a Carnegie Fellow and Ford Fellow.
  • Sheherezade Kara

    Senior Program Officer for Learning Initiatives @ Dignity for All

    Sheherezade is the Senior Program Officer for Learning Initiatives at Dignity for All: LGBTI Assistance Program. Previously working as an independent consultant, she has undertaken legal analysis and writing, research, evaluation, organisational strategizing and advocacy around the human rights of women and LGBTIQ people, including for the UN and civil society. Sheherezade was at the forefront of advocacy on the first UN resolutions on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity, including the establishment of the Independent Expert on this topic, and has since assisted the mandate holder in his work. She has written several publications on human rights, and was a core member of the expert drafting committee responsible for elaborating the Yogyakarta Principles +10. She attained her Master's degree in International Law in 2008.
  • Shubha Kayastha

    Co-founder and Executive Director @ Body & Data

    Shubha is a queer feminist from Nepal who works in the intersection of gender, sexuality and technology. She is a co-founder and executive director at Body & Data, a digital rights organisation that aims to increase women and queer persons’ engagement in digital spaces through suitable strategies for expression, autonomy and agency. 
  • Sibongile Ndashe

    Executive Director @ Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa

    Sibongile Ndashe is the Founder and Executive Director of the Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa (ISLA). Sibongile studied law at the University of the Western Cape. Her legal career as a public interest lawyer and activist spans over two decades . She has worked as a researcher at the South African Constitutional Court, led the Women’s Legal Centre’s work on Women’s Land and Property Rights. Sibongile later worked at Interights as the lead lawyer on equality in Africa. Through her work, she is nurturing a pool of African feminist litigators with expertise on gender and sexuality in addition to the legal empowerment to create an enabling environment for strategic litigation and to hold States accountable. She teaches, develops and implements capacity strengthening programmes on strategic litigation, gender and sexuality. 
  • Sonia Correa

    Since 2002 she is a research associate at the Brazilian Interdisciplinary Association for AIDS, in Rio de Janeiro. In ABIA, with Richard Parker, she co-chairs the Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) program, a global forum comprised of researchers and activists engaged in the analyses of global trends in sexuality related policy and politics. Between 2018 and 2020 she coordinated and edited the final outcomes of regional research on anti-gender politics in Latin America. She has lectured in various academic institutions, more recently (2016-2017) at the Department of Gender Studies of the London School of Economics. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Palgrave Book Series Global Queer Politics. 
  • Star Rugori 

    Executive Director @ MOLI Burundi 

    Star Rugori is the Executive Director of MOLI, the leading advocacy and peer-to-peer movement-building LGBT organization in Central and Eastern Francophone Africa. For the last eight years, he has expanded his experience to bolstering nascent organizations’ capacities and initiating collaborative and community-led initiatives that uphold human rights and dignity. He is a specialist in formulating innovative strategies for organizations led by and supporting sexual and gender minorities and understands their objectives and needs. Star is on the Board of Directors peer-led organisations where he plays a leading part in increasing resources to Francophone LGBT movement internationally. He has a bachelor's degree in political economy from the University of Burundi and served as a Human Rights Advocate Fellow at Columbia University in 2017
  • Tabitha G. Saoyo

    Managing Director @ Strategic Issues & Research Council

    Tabitha is the Managing Director at Strategic Issues & Research Council (SIRC) and an Aspen New Voices Fellow (2019). An Advocate of the High Court of Kenya with nine years’ experience navigating the policy, human rights, health and governance spaces in East Africa. Her specialty is Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights addressing unsafe abortion, sexual violence, forced sterilization, HIV and adolescents programming. Professionally, She has worked in private practice, served at the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Kenya and consulted for UNDP Kenya on linkages between HIV and gender based violence. Until recently, she was the Deputy Director at KELIN, a Kenyan NGO working on health related rights. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching and is a visiting lecturer at the Strathmore Law School, and Centre for Human Rights, Pretoria. 
  • Tania Morales

    Asociación por las Infancias Trans

  • Tarso Luís Ramos

    Executive Director @ Political Research Associates

    Tarso Luís Ramos has been researching and challenging the U.S. right wing for more than 25 years. Before joining PRA in 2006, Ramos served as founding director of Western States Center’s racial justice program, and exposed and challenged corporate anti-environmental campaigns as director of the Wise Use Public Exposure Project. Ramos recently served as an activist in residence at the Barnard Center for the Study of Women and a Rockwood Leadership Institute National Yearlong Fellow for 2017-2018.
  • Tatev Hovhannisyan

    Eurasia Investigations Fellow @ openDemocracy

    Based in Armenia, Tatev joined the team in March 2020 as a fellow investigating the health impacts of organised opposition to women’s rights in Eurasia. From September 2020 to March 2021 she will further develop her investigative skills with Tracking the Backlash and openDemocracy’s Dark Money team. Previously, she worked at leading Armenian media outlets Civilnet and Mediamax. In 2018, she co-founded ANTA Production, a multimedia journalism company with a special focus on women’s rights.
  • Umyra Ahmad

    Coordinator @ AWID and Observatory of the Universality of Rights (OURs)

    Umyra is a coordinator of the Advancing Universal Rights and Justice initiative at AWID. Her work focuses on challenging facisms and fundamentalisms and advancing gender and sexuality rights in UN human rights spaces
  • Urooj Arshad

    Senior Program Manager @ Dignity for All

    Urooj Arshad is the Senior Program Manager, Dignity for All, LGBTI Assistance Program at Freedom House. Previously Urooj was the Director, International LGBTQ Youth Health and Rights Programs at Advocates for Youth, where she strengthened capacity on sexual and reproductive rights in the global south. She is also the co-founder of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity. Urooj serves on the boards of Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. She is a recipient of the Latino GLBT History Project’s Mujeres en el Movimiento award; National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance’s Community Catalyst Award and the Young Women of Color HIV/AIDS Coalition’s We Speak award. She was also inducted as an honorary member of the Lavender Leadership Honor Society-University of Maryland. 
  • Valentina Peña 

    Programme Officer @ Fondo Semillas

    Valentina Peña, social anthropologist from Universidad de los Andes, and Master in Anthropology, Environment and Development from University College London (UCL). Currently working in Fondo Semillas, following up and supporting groups and Activists from different backgrounds in Mexico, specially focus on LBT*I issues. Previously worked in different projects with ethnic and local communities of Mexico and Colombia, regarding topics of development, solidarity economy and research. 
  • Valerie G. Traore

    Valerie is the Founder and Executive Director of Niyel. She has over 19 years of professional experience in campaigning and advocacy on a wide range of issues including human rights and rights based programming, development, human security and conflict, politics and international relations. Valerie has worked with Civil Society Organizations, social movements, international NGOs, governments and political parties to influence narrative, policies and practices across Africa and over 35 countries around the world. Full of energy, she is an acute analyst, a creative strategist and efficient implementer.
  • Vica Larasati

    Executive Director @ Qbukatabu

    Vica Larasati from Indonesia is Co-Founder and working as Executive Director of Qbukatabu. Qbukatabu or means 'aku buka tabu' or 'I open the taboo’ which is an effort to define, to build and sustain the conversation, to reflect upon the spaces and circumstances presumed as taboo by the society and the State. She have a passionate work in peace-building also youth and women empowerment through education and community strengthen. Hold Bachelor in Psychology and Master of Arts in Human Rights and Democratization.
  • Viviane Simakawa

    Program Officer @ International Trans Fund

    Viviane is a transfeminist activist, researcher and economist based in Brazil. She has 7 years professional experience organizing and participating in initiatives related to SOGIESC issues, specifically within Latin American contexts. She is also a passionate researcher and is currently studying gender identity and expression as a Ph.D. candidate in Women, Gender and Feminist Studies at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). Viviane’s involvement with activism and research on trans issues, particularly trans depathologization and initiatives at the local level in Brazil, has significantly influenced her work which is focused on resourcing and supporting trans people in various spheres and contexts. Viviane was previously a member of the ITF’s Steering Committee. She also holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies and a BA in Economics.
  • Yifat Susskind

    Yifat Susskind, MADRE’s Executive Director, partners with women's human rights activists from around the world to create programs in their communities that meet urgent needs and create lasting change. A lifelong promoter of human rights, Yifat leads MADRE's combined strategy of community-based partnerships and international human rights advocacy. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Guardian, and others. Yifat’s TED Talk, “Think Like a Mother,” has reached over 1.9M views.
  • Zahra Vieneuve

    Zahra Vieneuve is an Egyptian feminist activist who has worked for over 15 years on global issues of gender justice and human rights. She is the Director of the Freedom from Violence at the Global Fund for Women, where she leads a global program focused on feminist leadership during and post conflict, the safety and integrated security of WHRDs, and feminist movements resisting violence in the name of culture and religion. Prior to joining the Global Fund for Women, Zahra has worked with civil society organizations across the Middle East and North Africa as a human rights advocate and educator. Zahra holds two Masters degrees; one in Political Science from the University of Geneva and the other in International and Comparative Education from the American University in Cairo. 


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